GOALS OF THE TEDDY BEAR PATROL To have available Teddy Bears to emergency agents that come in contact with children in crisis.
Officer of Court:
Tim Veteto
Officer of Court:
Michelle Veteto

Would you like to become a local volunteer. About 2 hours a month, you would be recieving Teddy Bears (stuffed animals) from us and giving them to local emergency agencies that come in contact with children in crissis. These are FREE to Police Stations, Ambulance Services, Hospital ER's, Fire Stations and some Doctors offices. If so e-mail Tim@crittendencounty.org or Tim@teddybpatrol.net.
If you are close we will deliver the stuffed animals to you in our patrol car. But UPS can deliver the rest.
You may call:
or e-mail
Thank You for you time
Officer Tim Veteto
Of the 2nd Judicial District

Officer Michelle Veteto & Officer Tim Veteto

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