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City of Sunset Arkansas


Mayor of Sunset Arkansas.

City Limits Sign to Sunset Arkansas

Police Station to Sunset Arkansas.

The Nationally known Teddy Bear Cops.

James Brown
Timothy Sheets

City of Sunset, Arkansas
People Pride Progress

Sunset Churches -- Photo's of just some of the Sunset Chuches. More to come soon.

Sunset Schools -- Facts and figures about Sunset Schools.

Local Information -- Sunset-City OF

City Departments -- Find out more information about each of the departments of the city.

Local Links -- Sunset's programs, businesses, and attractions.

The Faces of Sunset--We are the People who make the Town. Come see us.

Sunset Map

Office of Crittenden County Clerk

Congressman Marion Berry

The Teddy Bear Cops -- Seatbelt Safety Awarness Program by Officer Tim Veteto and Officer Michelle Veteto.
Recipients of Awards for outstanding service to Children in Crisis Program.
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