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We would like to say a very special Thanks for their great works in our community.

Free Baseball Gloves gave to City Team.
We say thank you to The Marion Salute & The Jackson Countian Newspapers
from left to right Jodi Arnold, Mylinda Jackson
If your company would like, a I Wear My Seatbelt banner,for 30 days and your located in North East Arkansas, e-mail the Teddy Bear Cops.

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Recipients of free Wheelchairs and Walkers and Hospital Beds.
[Recipients of Wheel Chairs or walkers or Hospital Beds.]
[Author Brown]
[Barbara Castle]
[Barbara Winkles]
[B J Bell]
[Brandon Sweirez]
[Carol Long]
[Craighead County DHS]
[Crittenden County DHS]
[Cristy Phillips]
[Debbie Jones]
[Dexter Hill]
[Dr. Larry Crabb & Gay Crabb]
[Dianne Renfro & Amy Renfro]
[Festival On The Ridge]
[Flossie Taylor]
[Harrisburg, AR. DHS]
[Jennifer & Marcelo Salazar]
[Jimmy Johnson]
[Julie Sartain]
[Kenneth Duncan]
[Kenneth Johnson]
[Kimber & Jay Kilpatrick]
[Machelle Whitworth]
[Madison, Arkansas]
[Manila Nursing]
[Mark Taylor]
[Meagan Whited]
[Monnola Smith]
[Laura Hamilton]
[Pocahontas, AR. Childrens Medical Services]
[Randolph County Medical Center]
[Reba Wilburn]
[Ruth Ball]
[Geraldine Rieathbaum]
[Tuckerman Arkansas]

Recipients of Teddy Bears for Children in Crisis & Seat Belt Safey Program.

[Advanced Health Care]
[Amanda Riga]
[Amanda Tyler]
[AR. Children's Hospital]
[AR. Methodist Hospital Paragould, Ar.]
[Broadway Health Care West Memphis]
[Baptist Memorial Hospital Blytheville, AR.]
[Baptist Memorial Hospital Forest City, AR.]
[Brookland Elementary Preschool]
[Brookland Police]
[Childrens Clinic, Jonesboro, AR.]
[Cla-Clif Nursing Rehab Center]
[Corey Riga]
[Corning Head Start Early Head Start]
[Crittenden County Memorial Hospital]
[Cross Ridge Community Hospital]
[Dexter Missouri]
[Eastern Ozarks Regional Health System]
[Fraternal Order of Eagles]
[Greene County Tech. Paragould, AR.]
[Greene County Tech Fall Concert Paragould, AR.]
[Headstart Greene County Tech. Paragould, AR.]
[Hughes Police, Hughes, AR.]
[Johnson Hobson Care Center]
[J W Rich Girls Club]
[Le Bonheur Children's Hospital]
[Madison, Arkansas]
[Marion Salute, The Jackson Countian]
[Neavyer Denton]
[Newprot AR. Hospital]
[North AR.l Life Care Center]
[Parkin Arkansas]
[Pediatric Specialty Care, West Memphis, AR.]
[Pocahontas AR. Childrens Medical]
[Randolph County Medical Center]
[Randolph County Nursing Home]
[Regional Medical Center of NEA]
[Safe Kids]
[Sherry Magouirk]
[Sherrie Small]
[St Bernards Hospital]
[St Bernard 4th Floor]
[Steve McFarlin]
[Walnut Ridge Nursing Home]
[Walnut Ridge Police]
[Women’s Diagnostic Clinic Auxiliary]
[White County Medical]
[Wynne Arkansas Police]


[Blake Tyler]
[Regina Lynn Creations]
[Ellen Ziskind]
[C J Kemp]
[Grace Tyra]
[Scott M. Shy]
[Steven Veteto]
[David Veteto]
[Lea Woods]
[Mary Horner]
[Congressman Marion Berry]
[Jerry Hodge & Shelly Hodge]
[Good Neighbor Center]
[Senatobia, MS. Police Department]


[Alabama Band]
[Neal McCoy]
[Chely Wright]
[Chad Brock]
[Mel Tillis]

Recipients of Awards for outstanding service to Children in Crisis Program.

[8th Street Mission for Jesus Christ]
[Aaron Bradley Veteto]
[Abby Siegel]
[Advanced Therapies]
[Albert Veteto]
[Allied Medical]
[Amy Rojik & Family]
[Amy Tyler]
[Annette Goldman]
[Barnett Family]
[Baskets Plus]
[Beth Braden]
[Bonanza Pocahantas, AR.]
[Big Al's North Walnut Ridge Citgo]
[Bills Fresh Market]
[Bolden's Grocery]
[Tom Brown & Ruth Brown]
[Bull Dog Restaurant]
[Caleb Smith]
[Candy Craze]
[Caitlyn Ashley Veteto]
[Carolyn Towery]
[Carr's University Market]
[Chad's Market]
[Christy Smith]
[Claudia Michaels]
[Corning Citgo Flash Market]
[Country Mart]
[County Mart Poplar Bluff]
[Cyndi Weaver Paragould, AR.]
[David Lawson]
[Deans Truck Stop Blythville]
[Debra Hughes]
[Debbie Watkins]
[Dennis Lore, Sr.]
[Dillinger Joseph Carr]
[Don Taylor]
[Dwight and Yolanda Bryeans]
[Edna Hancock]
[Express Mart#2 Batesville]
[Farmers Market Monette, AR.]
[Gary Simms]
[Gladys Bean]
[Goldie Fugate]
[Goody Baskets]
[Gina Shanks]
[Girl Scout Troop 371]
[Glencoe Junction]
[Grace Tyra]
[Greene County Tech]
[Hays Jonesboro AR.]
[Hays Wynne AR.]
[Helen McWilliams]
[Hob Nob Restaurant]
[Hoots Family]
[Howard's Donuts]
[Huddle House]
[James Glidwell
Linda Simmons
[Jan Goza]
[Joann Barkley]
[Jody Payton]
[John Garcia]
[Jonesboro Fire Department #1]
[Jordan Bailey]
[Jr Food Mart #2]
[Jr Food Mart #3]
[Karen Morgan]
[Kelly Veteto]
[Ken Newberry]
[Kerima Haynes]
[Kris Lore & Dennis Lore Sr.]
[Kim Workman]
[Lee Newkirk]
[Lindy Vaught]
[Lois Meeker]
[Lone Star]
[Lorrie Hunnter, Jacob Hunter, Samantha Hunter]
[Luanne Reed-Siegel]
[Maddie Stuart]
[Mapco Express 3058]
[Mary Simms]
[Max Mart 6]
[Max Mart 15]
[Mayor Hubert Brodell]
[Mayor Jim Daily]
[Michael Taylor & Family]
[Michelle Labonar]
[Mid-South Vending]
[Mike Pulido DDS]
[Misty Carr]
[The Moms Club of The Jonesboro Area]
[Nancy Nelms]
[Newport BP Food Mart]
[Paragould Citgo Flash]
[Patti House]
[Parkview Restaurant Corning AR.]
[Phillips 66, Lafe, AR.]
[Post Cereals]
[Pronto Convenience Center]
[Rachael Siegel]
[Rankin Heartland X press]
[Red Mule Food Mart]
[River Side Experss]
[Revival Tabernacle]
[Ron Michaels]
[Ron Taylor]
[Ryan's Poplar Bluff Mo.]
[Salem Fuel Center]
[Shana Marsh]
[Shannon Cleveland]
[Shelley & Jerry Hodge]
[Sheila Tipton]
[Shelly Greear]
[Shirley Duncan]
[Shirley Watkins]
[Short Stop Jonesboro]
[Snappy Mart #7]
[South Side Grocery Batesville]
[St Marys Church]
[Link to Stuckey's]
[Stuckey's Brinkley, Ar.]
[Sue Moody]
[Super 8 Motel]
[Susan Peterson]
[Taylor Britt]
[Taylor Food]
[Tiger Mart]
[Tori Tomlinson]
[T-Ricks Judsonia, Arkansas]
[T-Ricks Pocahontas, Arkansas]
[T-Ricks Tuckerman Arkansas]
[Turner Cafe, Tuckerman Arkansas]
[U-HAUL Jonesboro, Arkansas]
[Wallace & Owens]
[Walnut Ridge Head Start]
[Western Sizzlin Batesville]
[Wheatley Exxon]
[Wynne Arkansas Fire Dept.]
[Ysabella Mendoza]
[Anesia M. Zeller]

This Patrol Car has over 300,000 miles. Delivering items to hospital ER's, Ambulance Services and Fire Departments all over the Mid U.S. Its now time for a new patrol car.

We are asking if anyone knows of the best deal on a new car. Please feel free to e-mail with any information. Thank You.


Delivered and installed by the Teddy Bear Cops.

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