Brandon Sweirez and Mother Tina Sweirez

Recieves Wheelchair From The Teddy Cops.
This chair was donated by Allied Medical Memphis, TN.
Outstanding service to Children
in crisis.
Brandon Sweircz has a battery wheelchair that weighs over 250 lbs. His mother Mrs. Sweirez was not able to pick up the chair and put it in the car it also did'nt fit in the car. The chair she has now is more moble and light weigh for the many short town trips.

FREE ! ! Hit here for other WheelChairs gave away.

From Left to Right
Brandon Sweirez & Tina Sweirez

From Left to Right
Tina Sweirez and Officer Tim Veteto.

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Children in Crisis Program and Seatbelt Safety Awarness Program
Officer Tim Veteto and Officer Michelle Veteto.

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