To have available Teddy Bears to emergency agents that come in contact with children in crisis.
To also give free wheel chairs to those without insurance.

Mrs. Carol Long
Husband Dale Long
recieves a FREE wheelchair.

A very special Thanks to
Gladys Bean
for donating this wheelchair to the Teddy Bear Cop program, that went to Mrs. Carol Long.

The Teddy Bear CopsVisit the Teddy Bear Cops Web site and see if we may help you in anyway.
Children in Crisis Program and Seatbelt Safety Awarness Program
Officer Tim Veteto and Officer Michelle Veteto.

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This Patrol Car has over 300,000 miles. Delivering items to hospital ER's, Ambulance Services and Fire Departments all over the Mid U.S. Its now time for a new patrol car.

We are asking if anyone knows of the best deal on a new car. Please feel free to e-mail with any info. about this problem. Thank You.