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Written By Renee Kneller

Isn't it true, that we check and roll around the eggs at the grocery store and make sure they are perfect before we take them home and then on our traveling home treat them with every precaution? and as soon as we get home carry them in carefully and unload them into a safe environment? We should treat our Children with at least the same safety as a dozen eggs. I am definitely for seatbelts and carseats, they saved my oldest sons life ... he was about a year and a half and I hit some loose gravel in a curve (wasn't going fast but when I hit the clutch to drop to a lower gear it threw me in a spin and I hit a ditch and flipped....) he was hanging upside down and said "fun, do it again".... I wasn't wearing my seatbelt and the back of my neck ended up hitting the inside roof of the car...severe whiplash... I have worn my seatbelt ever since.... But I would feel honored if you can use that illustration and get the point across to someone.... The son that was in my comment above got married Friday! he is 19 and now lives in Indiania.... Love to all, Renee -----