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Hosted and written by Officer Tim Veteto
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St Bernards Hospital

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West Memphis
Easter Egg Hunt 2003



Manila Nursiing Center
Manila Arkansas.
recieves, Free WheelChair from the Teddy Bear Cops.

“This is a INDEX for links, for the people and Cities of Crittenden County Arkansas.
The Teddy Bear Cop”


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From left to right
Officer Tim Veteto
Melinda Crawford(Social/Activities)
Dorothy Wade-Resident

From left to right
Mary Kain"Rehab Aid"
Melinda Crawford(Social/Activities)
Dorothy Wade-Resident

The Teddy Bear Cops are in need of a new Patrol Car.

This Patrol Car has over 300,000 miles. Delivering items to hospital ER's, Ambulance Services and Fire Departments all over the Mid U.S. Its now time for a new patrol car.
We are asking if anyone knows of the best deal on a new car. Please feel free to e-mail with any info. about this problem. Thank You.

 Hosted and written for free by:
Officer Tim Veteto Officer Michelle Veteto.

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