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To have available Teddy Bears to emergency agencies over (52,500 to date) that come in contact with children in crisis. Also to promote Seat Belt Safety. To supply free wheel chairs to those without insurance, 24 to date. For more info. e-mail Officer Tim Veteto Phone 1-870-243-1221
And Schools for Safety Awarness Programs.
The National Teddy Bear Cops visit

Corning Head Start of Corning Arkansas

Outstanding service to Children.

Thank You Mrs. Jody Thomason for inviting The Teddy Bear Cops to Corning Head Start. Sorry we missed Mrs. Thomason this day.

Employees: Laura Dobbins, Crystal Lucus, Tina White, Stephanie Malone, Kristen Hudson, Janene Halcomb.

Love Joy Friendship

The Nationally known Teddy Bear Cops.

The Teddy Bear CopsVisit the Teddy Bear Cops Web site and see if we may help you in anyway.
Children in Crisis Program and Seatbelt Safety Awarness Program
Officer Tim Veteto and Officer Michelle Veteto.

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